Skin Deep

In my last post I mentioned the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database,  I use this site ALL the time because it is such a great resource, it’s definitely one to bookmark!  This site allows you to look up products, anything from toothpaste to eyeliner, and it rates the particular product on a scale from 1 to 10 in terms of safety.  1 being the safest and 10 being toxic.  It will give you a breakdown of all the ingredients and a safety rating for each ingredient along with the concerns associated with the rating.

Now here’s something fun to do: rummage through your bathroom cabinets and pick out a few items to look up!  The database is pretty extensive and has most major brands and even a lot of small ones as well.  Warning: it just might make you want to throw away half of the things in your cabinet lol!

You can also use this site before you’re planning on buying a certain product.  Say you need some new sunscreen, well you can just put “sunscreen” into the search function and then sort the results by lowest rating (aka by safest first).   I’ve found a lot of great products this way that I never would’ve even known about!


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