More Fair Trade Gift Ideas

My main source for fair trade gifts is as I wrote about in the previous post, but there are many other options as well. has a section called Worldstock Fair Trade They seem to have a very extensive inventory of items. In general the prices are a bit more than the Animal Rescue Site but the nice thing about Overtsock is that you are able to read reviews of items and you can get a better idea of what they will be like. Overstock, like Animal Rescue, has very reasonable shipping (right now it’s free and I believe is normally a flat $3 or $4). Overstock has excellent customer service in my experience, I recently ordered a wedding band from them that was stolen out of the mail and they promptly sent me a replacement at no charge.

If you don’t want to order anything online my suggestion is to go to your local health food store or grocery store! Who doesn’t like edible gifts right! My go to gifts are fair trade/organic coffee, tea, hot chocolate and chocolate bars, which you can usually even pick up at places like Target. I’m personally not a coffee drinker but most of the people on my shopping list are. My fiancée loves the Green Mountain organic fair trade coffee, but there are about a bazillion great choices out there! I’m a big tea drinker and have several favorite brands but the majority of my tea collection is Traditional Medicinal, my favorite is the Spearmint. While my favorite hot chocolate has to be Ibarra Mexican hot chocolate, Dagoba makes an excellent fair trade one! Now onto one of my favorite things in the whole wide world, chocolate! Green and Blacks organic chocolate has turned me into a chocolate snob! I pay anywhere from $2.50 to $3.50 a bar which sounds expensive for a bar of chocolate but in my humble opinion it is worth every cent! I recently had a Hershey’s bar and while I still ate it (I mean it’s still chocolate), it definitely didn’t even come close to comparing! Whole Foods has their own brand of organic fair trade chocolate that really good too a little less expensive. When I give any of the above items as gifts I usually try and make a little gifts baskets and stick a few other things in there. Maybe include a hand made ceramic mug with the coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Some organic wine with the chocolate bars (I have yet find any organic fair trade wine anywhere) and/or some local organic fruit.

You might even be surprised and find a local shop that sells fair trade items. I was recently visiting Harper’s Ferry, WV and came across a store called Tenfold Fair Trade Collection . They had some really neat items! I bought some turmeric soap (which I’ve been looking for forever), some chocolate of course, and my Mom bought 2 beautiful gold bangle bracelets.

There are many online stores that sell fair trade items, I just did a Google search and a whole bunch popped up! I’d love to hear if anybody else has any experience with other stores, online or brick and mortar!


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